Some agencies focus on one area of marketing such as search engines, research, or analytics. We are a one-stop shop for all of your small business needs. Launching a new product or service? First we’ll do a 360 degree assessment of your current marketing program. Next we’ll research the market and devise an optimized ROI campaign that will save you money. We always pass along the costs of what third-party vendors charge us. We also shop around for the best prices, just like you. We succeed when you succeed. Whether it’s an email list building campaign, the launch of an e-newsletter, getting you speaking gigs, building organic traffic to your site, analyzing the data, or anything else—we get you there.



We never lose sight of the fact that marketing, advertising, and branding all exist in service of one thing—to increase sales volumes and/or profits. Moreover, we recognize that every product or service has its own DNA—a beating heart that can sometimes be hard to hear. We’ve cut our teeth in the world of book publishing and have helped launch hundreds of new products in our careers, including The South Beach Diet and books by top fiction authors. We help you identify the unique selling points of your offerings and develop them into creative marketing hooks, taglines, campaigns, and programs. Then we help you build the systems and controls that will allow you sustain your gains over the long haul.



Nothing says “I’m an authority in my field” like publishing a book. There are countless examples. At Trowbridge & Tintera we have decades of experience shaping, editing, proofreading, designing, publicizing and selling books and digital content. Oftentimes book ideas begin life as complicated many-headed monsters, three or four books mashed into one. Bring your book idea to us and we will help you focus your pitch and unravel the golden thread. We’ll then help you build an outline and edit your copy. Next we’ll help you get a contract with a traditional publisher as your literary agents or publish it in-house. Finally, we’ll design and execute a highly targeted public relations, marketing, and branding campaign to help make your baby a raging success.


Imagine your company’s name in print—or splashed across a well-trafficked news site. Imagine yourself being interviewed by a top reporter in your industry. Public relations is built on relationships and reputation and we have those in spades. We help you choose the right communications strategy and the right type of campaign—whether it’s a community relations builder, a national media tour, or anything in between. We’ll help you skillfully and tactfully announce a change in your organization’s direction or roll-out news about your new B2B or B2C service or product. Let us help you tell your organization’s story, enhance your reputation, and train you for when it’s time to be in the spotlight.

Google did not become a billion dollar company by serving ads from big brands, but by serving them from start-ups and small businesses like yours. The advent of pay-per-click advertising allows for an incredible level of granularity in reading your audience- no matter the size of your niche. When you work with us on an ad campaign we will help you mobilize every dollar to ensure you reach your marketing objectives. We can walk you through Googles awards control panel or turn the keys over to us and we will run your campaign for you.


We recently helped an author increase traffic to his website by 150% by conducting an overhaul of his site design. We updated his permalinks and his site map and within a week he saw dramatic results. We also understand how content marketing goes hand in hand with traffic? What more customers? Let us analyze your content web strategy and design a bespoke plan to super change organic traffic to your site.

Big data has emerged as a multi-billion dollar industry but you need invest very little of your precious marketing dollars to reap big rewards from knowing who your customers are, how they behave and what they think of your products and your business. No matter whether you are just standing out in your quest to understand your customers or have them eating out of the palm of your hand, one assessment tools you can and deep knowledge of the field can help you see new opportunities and cash in on them.

We don’t just design your website-we set you up a WYSIWIG platform that’s as easy to use as a word processor and just as powerful. Whether it’s a blog site, a squeeze page, a full e-commerce site, a web app or all of the above, we will give you a website that works for your customers, your prospects- and you.


Not all social media campaigns are created equal. Having followers or likes without sales benefits no one except perhaps the platform owners. One of our recent campaigns produced a 60% increase in sales in 6 months. There is a reason why platforms like You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have received billion dollar revolutions-if you work with us we will make sure your dollars and time invested produce a strong return within a reasonable amount of time.


Press releases, catalog copy, speeches and presentations, websites, tweets, posts, YouTube voice overs, on-product descriptions, sales pitches, white papers, case studies, PowerPoint, business plans, cold call scripts, B2B and B2C. We have done it all. Let us help you find the best way to set up your message and distribute it.


Our deep knowledge of the book publishing industry and the editorial process makes us a natural home for your fiction or nonfiction, adult or children’s book projects. We approach all of our literary clients with an eye towards overall career growth—helping you build your personal platform—to ensure people one clicking on your Amazon author page even before your book comes out. What’s more, we’ll be your advocates through every stage of the publishing process.


Speaking with a reporter is not the same thing as speaking with your spouse or co-worker. We will help you develop your talking points and rehearse scenarios with you so that you’re not thrown when curveball questions come your way. We help you nail your first interview which will make sure you get more.